I made an extra $43,780 on that job…

In June of 2007 we were hired to do some work for a local property management company.  The job started as a $5180 replacment of 37shower valves. After showing them the FloodStop products, they immediately saw their value and I ended up installing 398 FloodStop units for water heaters.  In the end, I made an extra $43,780 on that job.

If you are not already offering the FloodStop products, I would highly recommend getting more information and checking them out.
I think they are great, and I’ve learned that almost everyone knows someone that has experienced an appliance flood.  These products are easy to sell!

Paul – Complete Plumbing
Orange County, CA
Automatically shutoff the water supply if appliance starts to leak!FloodStop units for:  
Washing Machines
Water Heaters
Ice Makers and water filters
Dish Washers and toilets