My washing machine supply hose burst, and
water nearly destroyed my home.?
I was never so happy that I made a purchase in my life.  Several years ago my washing machine supply hose burst, and water nearly destroyed my home.  To make things worse, my laundry room is upstairs.  My guess is that the water ran for several hours before my neighbor noticed and turned off my water.  I vowed to never let that happen again, and so I looked for something to prevent it, and found the FloodStop units. I got one for my washer and one for my icemaker.
Well, on January 5th of 2008, I arrived home to find the FloodStop beeping and the water turned off to my icemaker.  I don’t even want to think the cost to replace my hardwood floors. Who knows how much water would have flooded into our home.
I’m so happy with these units, that I can not even tell you.
The company is also great and immediatly answered the phone when I had a couple of questions.  I think they are great!
Carol Clark
Automatically shutoff the water supply if appliance starts to leak!FloodStop units for:  
Washing Machines
Water Heaters
Ice Makers and water filters
Dish Washers and toilets