Within 90 days, FloodStop had prevented 14 floods…
We thought the idea of FloodStop was good, but we had never seen anything like it.  We had been having too much flood and water damage over that past couple of years, and we looked for a solution.In December of 2007, we installed the first 600 FS3/4NPT FloodStop units for water heaters.  It was an easy process to install, but we soon realized that we needed longer wires for our application. Scott Walter at FloodStop completely took care of our issue.  In fact, he special ordered longer wire harness for us at no charge, and we were in business.

Proof of success came quickly.  Within 90 days, FloodStop had prevented 14 floods, and more than paid for themselves.

We love them because when we get a tenant call about “not having hot water,” we know that won’t be spending the next week pulling carpet, drywall and soggy padding, and displacing the tenant.

After requesting your discount code below, go to the site and pick up a a unit and try it out. I think you’ll like them
Gary – Archstone-Smith

Products for:
Water Heaters
Washing Machines
Ice Makers
Dishwashers, and more!

Automatically shutoff the water supply if appliance starts to leak!

FloodStop units for:  
Washing Machines
Water Heaters
Ice Makers and water filters
Dish Washers and toilets